There are two lenses we look through when it comes to the type of missions we connect with as a church. One lens is partnering with ministries that work with vulnerable children. The other lens is partnering with ministries that work alongside local churches and leaders on a global platform. In this context, we partner with Global Disciples and Three Worlds.

If you remember, the 2016 Joy to the World Offering was given to Global Disciples and their Ethiopia work. I will be traveling with two other County Liners this August to Ethiopia. On this trip, we will be conducting training for other trainers. In May, I had the opportunity to travel to Liverpool, U.K. to participate on an advisory board for the Three Worlds ministry.

Three Worlds (3W)
Three Worlds is the name of the missionary team representing the Europe and Middle East Region for Global Strategy. (Global Strategy is the mission sending agency for Church of God Ministries, North America.) You can read more about Three-Worlds on their website at www.three-worlds.com or stay informed on their Facebook page here.

Since 2010, Patrick and Jamie Nachtigall have served as the Regional Coordinators and 3W team leaders. They made an early decision to create relational ties with churches and leaders in the United States. One of the ways they do that is through the 3W Roundtable. This roundtable meets annually in various countries around the region. Through the roundtable, the Nachtigall’s can share facts, information, and report on what is happening with the countries, churches, missionaries, leaders, and projects they work with. In return, the roundtable can give feedback, thoughts on best-practices, counsel, and encouragement.

Those who serve on the roundtable with me are Ben Shular, Chief International Officer of Global Strategy; Rod Stafford, Senior Pastor of Fairfax Community Church in Virginia; and George Lutzer of Grace Point Church of God in Edmonton, Alberta. Previous roundtables took place in Germany (2016), Phoenix (2014), Italy (2013), Cairo (2012), and Paris (2011).

2017 3W Roundtable
This year’s roundtable took place in Liverpool, U.K. This allowed us to visit the Egan Road Church of God located in Birkenhead. Birkenhead and Liverpool are separated by the River Mersey. Egan Road is now pastored by 3W Missionary Zach Langford. Zach and Audrey moved to Birkenhead a few years ago to assist the Egan Road congregation in reaching children and youth. When the pastor retired earlier this year, the church saw the opportunity to call Zach as the pastor who will take the church into a new lifecycle. I will share more in my next post about how this church is reaching children and young adults in a post-modern, post-Christian context.

Why is County Line Involved?
County Line has a long history of supporting missionary work throughout Europe. When the Nachtigall’s took over as Regional Coordinators, County Line was already supporting two missionary units in the region. As the Nachtigall’s talked about doing missions differently (i.e. Three Worlds), we were also trying to figure out how to support missions differently (i.e. relationally).

A new collaborative formed between County Line and Three Worlds. Since 2010, County Line and 3W have worked together on many projects and with many partners seeking to strengthen churches and leaders throughout Europe and the Middle East. Having a seat at the 3W Roundtable gives Count Line an insider’s view to all that is happening in this region.

(In Part Two of this post I will write about the highlights of the 3W Roundtable and more background on the Egan Road Church of God.)

Nathan Tatman
Mission Advancement Pastor

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