28  Volunteers will step forward

29  Unchurched people in Garrett will come

30  Increase numbers in launch team

31  Launch team will have a spirit of serving


1   Wisdom and discernment in assigning workers

2   Worship team and band members will step forward

3   Technical team will become comfortable in the use of the equipment

4   Unity of the churches in Garrett

5   Launch team will be unified in purpose and remember why we are doing this

6   County Liners who live in or near Garrett will feel called to join us

7   All supplies are on hand before practice services begin

8   Rapid understanding of our new church database system

9   We meet the needs of families in the Garrett Community

10   God calms our hearts and overcome our uncertainties

11   Launch team will find the time to accomplish tasks

12   Children’s workers will see eternal difference they will make

13   Satan would be bound and have no foothold

14   God’s spirit touches Garrett and revival happens

15   Launch team stays in God’s Word and remains unified

16   Practice service – patience for all – lots of grace

17   Remain unified in purpose of serving Garrett

18   Our workers will be genuine and authentic representatives of Christ and County Line

19   God will protect us and keep us from stumbling

20   All the planning strategies will be complete

21   Good health for everyone involved as we near launch Sunday

22   Launch team can work together cheerfully and patiently

23   Preview service – more patience and grace

24   God will be honored by all we say and do

25   The Holy Spirit will lead us in reaching the lost in Garrett

26   Churches in Garrett can work together to serve the community

27   Every last detail will be taken care of for the launch

28   We will do our best to reflect the Acts church in Garrett

29   In all the “busyness” we remember why we are doing this

30   2nd Preview Service – God receives the glory


1   Each person on the launch team sees their purpose in serving

2   Thankfulness for how God is answering every need

3   God gets all the glory for what will happen in Garrett

4   Garrett families will desire God and want to join us

5   God’s hand of blessing will be over County Line Garrett

6   Touch-A-Truck event will lead to good connections and the weather will be pleasant

7th   Launch Sunday