Enrollment Policy

When may I enroll?

Priority registration begins FEBRUARY 1st for existing Creative Play School families and current County Line Church of God families. General registration begins FEBRUARY 21st.

 The non-refundable registration fee is $50. It includes a Creative Play School Bag.

Children may enroll any time throughout the school year as long as there are openings in the class and they meet the age guidelines.


Creative Play School Enrollment Form

How are the classes grouped?

Children must be 2 years old by August 1st to enroll. Classes are limited to 11-18 children, depending on the age group. Younger classes are smaller. There is a teacher and an aide for each group. Children are generally divided by their approximate age range and developmental levels.

The Pre-K classes are designed for children who will be attending kindergarten the following year. They must be 4 years old by August 1st. Four year olds may attend two days per week or four days per week, depending on available openings.

Potty Training Policy:

Children in the 2 and YOUNG 3 year old classes are not required to be daytime potty trained to attend, however diapers/pull-ups will need to be provided by the parents. The children are required to “try” to potty during scheduled potty breaks. Children in the OLDER 3’s and all other preschool classes are required to be fully day time potty trained in order to attend.

Special Needs Children?

It is our desire to be of service to children and their families to the best of our capabilities. We do not have specialists on staff to serve all children with special needs. In the case of children who may require assistance or unique accommodations we request that parents schedule a meeting with the director and/or potential teacher to discuss your child’s specific needs.

If it is determined that there is potential for placement, there will be a pre-determined trial enrollment period with specific goals and feedback between all parties concluding with another group conference to agree on either continued enrollment or withdrawal to find a placement that would better serve the needs of the child.

Tuition Policy

Please make checks payable to “County Line Church” not Creative Play School



There is a non-refundable registration fee of $50 per child due prior to enrollment each year. Parents are requested to give a one-month notice before withdrawal.


The tuition for the two-day program is $810 per school year. ($90 per month for 9 months)
The tuition for the four-day program is $1,350 per school year. ($150 per month for 9 months)
The tuition will be paid for the full term, and will be the same regardless of the number of days a child might miss due to illness, vacation, or weather cancellations.
Tuition is due on the FIRST DAY of the month. There is a $10 late fee.
The tuition may be paid in monthly installments or for your convenience, may be paid in full at the beginning of the school year. The balance of the tuition due may be paid off at any time during the school year.

Scholarship Assistance:

Some financial assistance is available through the church’s scholarship team. Preference is given to the 4/5 year old classes. Scholarships are not offered for 2 year olds. Applications and more information, see Wendi Walborn.

Discounts: Multiple Children

“There is a $10.00 discount PER FAMILY for multiple children attending. For example, if you have one child attending a 4-day program and one child attending a 2-day program, your total tuition due each month would be $220.00.”

It is the parent’s responsibility to hand-deliver payments to the school office drop box or mail them to the school. Please do not send checks in the child’s school bag. Teachers will not be responsible to deliver checks to the office.

We accept cash or checks. We are not set up to accept credit or debit cards. Some families do use automatic payment plans from their bank. Remember payment is due on the 1st.

Health Policy

An immunization record must be available to our office for each child.
A medical emergency release form must be signed by the parent.
Children are deemed too ill to attend if they have had a fever within the last 24 hours, or have vomited more than one time.
If a child vomits or is found to have a fever, parents will be called to come and pick up the child as soon as possible.
A child must present a doctor’s permit when returning after illness with a communicable disease.
Medicine will not be administered to your child unless absolutely necessary. We must have the medication in the original container with the official dosage label as well as written instructions from a parent.

Discipline Plan

Discipline is another word for self-control. One of our goals is to help your child develop their own means of managing their attitudes and behaviors in an age-appropriate way.

We offer plenty of praise and reward for making good choices. An effective program also contains preplanned measures for dealing with situations when the child loses self-control.

The following steps will be followed:

  1. Verbal warnings

  2. Time out (a cooling off period)

  3. A visit with the director

  4. Phone call to parent. Under no circumstances will the child receive correction that is punitive, either emotionally or physically.

With those same values in mind, we can not allow children who are abusive to remain in the classroom.

This may include children:

  • Who continuously hurt others

  • Who are chronically mean

  • Who are extremely disrespectful or disobedient to teachers

  • Who cause major disruptions to the group activities. Children who lose self-control will be removed from the classroom and parents will be notified. The parents, director and teacher will work together to make a behavior modification plan as a team. If the behavior does not improve to acceptable limits we will have to ask the child to withdraw in the interest of the well-being of the entire class.