Our Disaster Relief team left for Texas on Sunday and have been doing some great work! Here are some updates from the trip leaders, Mindy and Mike Georgi:

The church is about the size of County line having two floors, and a gym. Our work was to insulate and drywall the entire thing about 4 foot up from the ground. This included classrooms offices, Cafe area, foyer, and hallways. We also have had 2 off-site jobs working with community members to do the same kind of work in their homes. Also insulating a door and tearing out a garage and bedroom from flood damage.
But our ultimate work has been ministering and encouraging the community members as we eat lunch and dinner with them at a free meal ministry under the tent next to the church. Also, this group of 15 County Line members came to this job not knowing each other hardly at all. Each day to start our day we asked for a testimony to be shared and it has provided many opportunities for us to encourage and minister each other and grow stronger within our church family and faith!

A relationship was built w a community member named Lewis they just moved here three weeks before the storm, had a baby days before it hit, couldn’t bring baby home due to flooding house condition, they lost everything, mom and baby had to go to Houston 2 hrs away to live while Dad is here trying to Repair and fix the house alone. Everything here smells like an outhouse due to sewage flooding. People mow excessively to try to sprout new grass growth to get rid of the sewage and smell. His mower broke and his grass was 2 ft tall. Our group purchased a push mower for him and he was In tears of appreciation. He gave Todd (County Liner) a TX flag as appreciation.

36 hours after Harvey hit:

Some of the work our team is doing:

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