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Our annual Faith in Action Sunday went down as a great success! It was such a blessing for me (Pastor Chris) to see how County Line gets passionate about serving our community. I just keep going back to Matthew 9:38 which Pastor Stu challenged us with a few months ago.

“So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.”

This weekend it was clear that our church indeed sends workers.

Over this past weekend, we had 449 people serve in over 25 projects. These numbers only include the projects that County Line offered. I have been hearing stories over the last week of small groups going out and serving neighbors or their community. Some families served by cleaning up ball fields or setting up drink stands for missionaries. I have heard from others that they are still planning to go out this weekend to serve as well!

Several of the organizations have said they are very pleased with the work we have done. You truly have been a blessing to so many different ministries all though the Fort Wayne/Auburn/Garret communities!

Thank you for the way you served!

If you have any stories of this year’s Faith in Action, or if you have done a project we don’t know about, please send them to

if you have any pictures upload them below!


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