Here at County Line we believe in the importance of fasting. That is why on the first Monday of every month we Fast and Pray over selected topics. God has done some amazing things through Fast & Pray Monday. He continues to teach us the importance of fasting.


New Year
January Sermon Series (Top 5)
January Ministry Partners
Cultural Issues

1. Pray all followers of Christ would be a positive light for Christ in 2021 regardless of the events that may or may not happen throughout the year.

2. Pray God would use the January series to impact the lives of those who attend, both online and in person.

3. Pray God would continue to use our Global Missionaries (Global Disciples-Al Steiner, Nate and Stacy Tatman, Patrick & Jamie Nachtigall and Alejandro & Carmen DeFrancisco) to impact lives with the love of Jesus.

4. Thank God for the vaccines He gave scientists the knowledge to produce. That we would see progress in racial equality. That God would continue to protect and encourage police officers and their families. Pray for wisdom for President-elect Joe Biden and his administration.