Here at County Line we believe in the importance of fasting. That is why on the first Monday of every month we Fast and Pray over selected topics. God has done some amazing things through Fast & Pray Monday. He continues to teach us the importance of fasting.


June Sermon Series (Don’t Sweat It)
Thursday Night Services
Impact 2020
Vacation Bible Xperience (June 14-17)
June Ministry Partners (Village of Hope)

1. Pray God would use the June sermon series to teach us to not sweat the difficult questions in life because we have a God who provides in every way, in every situation. Pray that God would use this series to reach and grow people for Christ, both online and in person. And, pray God will use our Thursday night services to reach the unchurched and those who are unable to attend on Sunday mornings.

2. Pray God would use the generosity of County Liners to provide the funds needed to reach our Impact 2020 Campaign goal.

3. That County Liners will invite their friends and neighbors to participate in our VBX, June 14-17. Pray it will impact those who are serving and those attending.

4. Pray for our Ministry Partner, Village of Hope, a children’s home in Guatemala. Village of Hope is called to do what they can to provide family, faith and future to children living with special needs, adolescent mothers and children who were human trafficked.