Here at County Line we believe in the importance of fasting. That is why on the first Monday of every month we Fast and Pray over selected topics. God has done some amazing things through Fast & Pray Monday. He continues to teach us the importance of fasting.


Election (November 3)
Veterans Day (November 11)
Cultural Issues
November Sermon Series (Still Thankful)
Annual Christmas Family Adoption

1. Regardless of the outcome of the election, pray our country can come together in unity as we move forward.

2. Please thank God for the committed service our veterans have given to our country. Pray that our veterans are blessed, strengthened and well cared for in the future.

3. That God would continue to protect individuals from COVID-19. That we would see progress in racial equality. That God would continue to protect and encourage police officers and their families.

4. Pray God would use the November sermon series, “Still Thankful,” to remind us that, in light of all the negative that has happened in 2020, He is still good and worthy of our thanks.

5. Pray our Annual Christmas Family Adoption drive will go well. Please pray that County Liners respond well and selected families are blessed with the gifts we provide. Pray the gifts represent the love of Christ and draw both the giving and receiving families closer to Him.