Here at County Line we believe in the importance of fasting. That is why on the first Monday of every month we Fast and Pray over selected topics. God has done some amazing things through Fast & Pray Monday. He continues to teach us the importance of fasting.


April Sermon Series (Pray For Peace)
April Ministry Partner (Safe Families For Children)
Second Quarter Faith In Action (April 17 – April 25)

1. Pray God would use the April sermon series to help us achieve a greater level of peace in our lives throughout our pursuit of Jesus. Pray God would use this series to impact the lives of those who attend, both online and in person.

2. Pray for Safe Families for Children, a ministry that hosts vulnerable children and creates extended family-like support for desperate families. Pray volunteers would continue to have a lasting impact for Christ on the families they serve.

3. Pray those serving and those being served during Faith in Action would be impacted for Christ.