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I’ve (Pastor Chris) recently had the privilege to meet with each of our local compassion partners. I plan to begin talking about each of them through the next few months. Last week I was able to take a tour of the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission and their facilities with Bob Herman. The Rescue Mission is made up of 4 houses. There is the Life House which is an emergency shelter for men. When someone comes to the Life House, they are asked if they want real change if so, they meet with several different people and then moved to Restoration House. This is short and long-term housing options for men as they get back on their feet. Charis House offers short and long-term housing for women and children. Lastly is Treasure House which is the thrift store associated with The Rescue Mission. The Rescue Mission is about real change, not spare change. This is a way the community can act and help the Rescue Mission. If you want more information on how to help with this change you can contact Bob Herman at

During my tour, I started off at the Charis House; this is a fantastic facility, the inside it is very well kept. They have apartment style housing; there is a daycare and preschool for the children, a meeting area, and a computer lab. They are currently constructing a salon as well where the residents can take advantage of that service. I was very impressed to see how things were going for this ministry. Unfortunately, they have to turn away 30-50 women per month because they do not have enough space.

After Charis House, we drove over to the Rescue Mission. This was a much larger building and is strictly for men trying to get back on their feet. As soon as you walk in, there is a clinic run by Parkview. As you go further into the building, there are different areas depending on how far along in the program you are. If you are just there for a night in the emergency shelter, you get a meal and a bed. If you commit to being a part of the program, you begin to get more perks. Some of these include a locker to store your things, common areas with TV’s and games, and more freedom. There is also a Chapel which is used for services as well as classes and is where extra cots are set up for the emergency shelter. While we were at the Mission, I got to see their work in action. As we were walking, a resident came up to Bob and told him about how he had recently gotten a job with benefits and that he could not have done it without the Rescue Mission’s help. I was so thankful to see the expression of joy that came upon him.

There are many stories and Testimonies of how Jesus has instilled real change in the men and women of Fort Wayne through the rescue mission. If you would like to see some of these stories visit their website at

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