American Indian Christian Mission (Show Low, Arizona):  June 9-15,2019

Estimated trip cost: $500-$1000. This trip is in Show Low, AZ we will be doing work projects with some of the adults on the reservation, as well as participating in their “bus ministry,” where we travel to another location to interact with the kids teaching bible, doing crafts, etc.AICM exists to evangelize and equip Native Americans for Christ.Put your name down to get more information as it comes together! $100 non-refundable deposit due by March 24th


Church of God Ministries (Zimbabwe):  October 14-24, 2019

Estimated Trip Cost $2500-$3000 (This all depends on flights). This trip is in early development.  We will be partnering with McDowell Mountain Community Church in Scottsdale, AZ on this trip.  Together we will work to train local leaders in the area to be able to lead others in their community.  P$200 deposit to hold your sport dude by March 17, 2019. Interest Meeting will be in the office conference room on Thursday February 28th, and Sunday March 3.  $200 non-refundable deposit is due by April 7th


Village of Hope Women’s Trip (Guatemala): October 20-26, 2019

Estimated trip cost $1500-$2000. We will be heading to Village of Hope to show Christ’s love to the children there.  Village of Hope gives faith, family and a future to orphans in Guatemala while ministering to the community. $100 deposit required to hold your spot due by May 26th.  Interest Meeting will be in the office conference room on Thursday March 21st, and Sunday March 24th,2019


Birkenhead, UK (Three Worlds): Nov 9-16, 2019 

Estimated trip cost:  $1500- $2000.  We are partnering with a church in Birkenhead, UK to do some basic repairs on their church building.  They need lots of painting done, as well as some minor updates.  We also plan to have a big relational part of the trip where we will be involved in their “mom & tots” weekly group, experience a Sunday morning service and lead an outreach event to the community.  $200 deposit required to hold your spot due by June 16th, 2019. Interest Meeting will be on April 7th at 9am in the gym (Garrett Campus), & in the office conference room on Thursday April 11th, and Sunday April 14th following each service  (Main Campus).


Come and sign up for disaster relief trips if you feel like you can be ready to go serve in a time of need.  When a disaster hits oftentimes people in that area lose everything so we put a trip together typically within a month or two and go working to rebuild homes and communities while showing Christ’s love.  Trip cost depends on location, but typically $200-$400.

For further information, please contact Associate Missions Pastor Chris Kaczmarek at

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For further trip information please contact:

Chris Kaczmarek

Associate Missions Pastor
(260) 627-2482