Our Policy On Marriage

We are excited for you as you take this next step in life! If you would like a pastor from County Line Church to marry you then you will need to read through The Marriage Policy and Pre-marital Purity Covenant and agree upon these two documents before contacting us.

Marriage Policy  Purity Covenant

Marriage policy for County Line Church of God

The leaders at County Line Church of God believe the institution of marriage is a life-long covenant between a man and a woman, ordained by God. We love the marriage ceremony and what it represents and would be more than happy to participate in your special day. And because we want you to have the fulfilled marriage God intends for you, we have established statements of conviction that must be adhered to before one of our pastors will consider marrying any couple. Please understand the statements below are meant to be communicated in love and are in the best interest of you and your future spouse.

Statements of Conviction

  1. Your wedding date may be no less than 4 months away from the time of your request to the presiding pastor. Special exceptions may be made (i.e., military service).
  2. You and your fiance will be required to meet with the presiding pastor for 2 sessions and 6 premarital sessions with a mentor couple from our church. Each session will last approximately one hour.
  3. We will require each couple to sign a pre-marital purity covenant.  See Here
  4. If you and your fiance are of the same gender, our pastors will not marry you.
  5. If only one of you is a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ, our pastors will not marry you.
  6. If you and/or your fiance have been divorced, our pastors will not marry you if the divorce occurred less than 2 years ago.
  7. If you and/or your fiance have been divorced, we ask that you meet one time with a professional Christian counselor from Cross Connections Counseling in Fort Wayne, at County Lineʼs expense, to determine whether the union in marriage should take place.
  8. After you have been married for one year, we would like one of our pastors to meet with you in person or via the telephone for one follow-up session.
  9. If at any time during the premarital counseling sessions the presiding pastor feels this union should not happen, he/she will respectfully decline to continue involvement.

Any Questions About The Wedding Process? Contact:

Tina Stewart