County Line Family-

These are times like none of us have ever seen or experienced.  With that being said, it is a time for us as the Church to step up and serve the most vulnerable.  We have put together a resource list for you to be aware of we hope will help you better serve your neighbors.

Free community resources during the COVID-19 shutdown (This will be updated as we hear about more resources):

In addition to this, we want to do our best to be the Church at this time, specifically to the most vulnerable.  A few recommendations on how to do this are the following:

1) Nextdoor App- many communities have the next-door app (others may have a neighborhood Facebook page) which is a neighborhood social networking service.  This is a great way to volunteer to pick up groceries or go to the store for some of the most vulnerable.  We recommend making a post offering to help however you can.

2) Childcare- With schools not in session this is logistically difficult for families, especially those who are still going to work.  If you are able, talk to those who you know are affected by this and volunteer to watch their children for a few hours, a day, etc.

3) Freezer meals- many have been laid off from work or are just not making any money at this time. We recommend that if you know anyone who has been affected this way, you bring them a meal or 2 to help them get through this time.  Offer to pray for them while you are there!

4) Thank you cards- Many people are working from home, but those on the front lines are not able to do that.  How encouraging would it be for a doctor, nurse, police officer, firefighter, etc. to receive a note of thanks for all they are doing during this time?

5) Notes of encouragement- You can send these cards to anyone you may think needs one, but this is an especially lonely time for those in nursing homes and retirement communities. Many of them are not allowing any visitors at all.  How much would it mean for someone who is feeling lonely to receive a card saying you are thinking and praying for them during this time?

6) These are just a few ideas for us to be the Church during this time.  In addition to these things try to support local small businesses as much as you can.  Due to the recent mandate restaurants are now closed, but many are still doing call in orders and drive thru pickup.  If you plan to do this, support the small businesses in your community.  Also whenever you have an opportunity to tip, tip more than you typically would.  The people who are working are making most of their money on tips and it would be encouraging for them to receive more than normal.

Remember to continue praying for protection and healing for the virus and for God to be glorified through it.  Lastly, remember to wash your hands.  This may seem small or silly, but I heard someone say this week, that by the least vulnerable washing our hands we are in turn washing the feet of the most vulnerable.  Again, this is a time none of us have ever experienced, but we believe it is essential for the Church to be serving now more than ever.  Join us in doing so.

Outreach Pastor,
Chris Kaczmarek