Believe it or not, state law allows for students to learn the Bible during school hours if it meets three specific requirements. Yes, you read that right. Kids can actually learn about the Bible DURING the school day. As you might suspect, after school programs are great but many students don’t attend because they have other activities that compete. Through this initiative, many more kids can participate and learn the Bible and, therefore, learn about the God who created them, loves them and has a purpose for their life.

To educate you on this ministry, please watch the LifeWise video below. After you have watched the video, please click on one of the county links below and sign a petition that will go to the surrounding schools in all school districts requesting they consider allowing this to take place.

The YMCA in DeKalb County is already gathering people and churches to make this happen in our DeKalb County schools. We would love to have some County Liners get this rolling for our Allen County school districts. So, please pray and seek God’s prompting to be a part of starting this ministry in Allen County or joining the effort in DeKalb County.