Destiny Rescue

Destiny Rescue is an internationally-recognized Christian non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children trapped in the sex trade. Our vision is to rescue the sexually exploited and enslaved, restore the abused, protect the vulnerable, empower the poor and be a voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves.

We currently operate our various programs in Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines and India. We also have offices in three donor nations: United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Destiny Rescue realizes that human trafficking is a global problem. We’re determined to respond to God’s call to set captives free worldwide. Until no more children are sold, forced or coerced into the sex trade, Destiny Rescue is fully committed to fighting for their freedom, their restoration and their futures.

Village of Hope

Village of Hope is located in San Lucas, Guatemala. The vision for Village of Hope was born out the knowledge that God has a heart for the least of these. Scripture reveals a God who is passionate about the sick, the widow, the orphan, the alien, and the poor.

The purpose of Village of Hope is to provide family, faith and a future to special needs children and vulnerable mothers in a family style setting. Each family living unit consists of house parents and about 8 children or mothers living in a home together on the Village of Hope property. Our hope is to create a family unit as God intended- a family to provide life- long support as well as teach the children to have life values. Another part of our vision is to develop relationship in the Guatemalan Evangelical churches, to come along side of them, educating them on God’s heart for the orphan, as well as open their eyes to the gift of adoption.

Gobena Coffee

G obena (pronounced gō•bĭn•ŭh), a 70 year-old farmer, found Eva abandoned in the yard near his home. “Because
she is God’s soul,” Gobena and his wife, Mulunesh, took care of the newborn baby for about a month. During this time Gobena and Mulunesh realized that they would not be able to provide for Eva, so they carried her 5 miles to a police station to seek help. At the police station they learned about adoption and realized
that putting Eva in an orphanage to be adopted was the best option for the child. Eva is now a permanent member of Steve and Danae’s family. She is truly a blessing from God and a constant reminder that there is always hope, as long as there are people who care.

Gobena’s sense of community inspired Steve and Danae to start this coffeeministry where 100% of the net profits werereinvested in the lives of orphan children throughout the world. In 2012, Lifesong accepted the challenge of growing Gobena… where each bag of coffee sold blesses the lives of children.

So invite some friends over for coffee and Go Make a Difference by choosing Gobena Coffee. Learn more about Gobena and our Restoration cafe here

Patrick & Jamie Natchigall (3W Europe)

Prior to accepting this assignment as regional coordinators for Europe and the Middle East in 2010, Patrick and Jamie served as career missionaries in Hong Kong and China for nine years.

Patrick was adopted by missionaries Harry and Jene Nachtigall in San Jose, Costa Rica, and has lived in Costa Rica, Panama, the United States, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Germany. Both Jamie’s parents (Russ and Sharon Skaggs) and her grandparents served as missionaries for the Church of God in Egypt. Jamie grew up and went to school in Cairo and has also lived in the United States, Hong Kong, and Germany. Like Patrick, she is a TCK (third- culture kid) and has always felt comfortable traveling the world and interacting with different cultures.
Patrick and Jamie’s son Marco is also a fantastic traveler and loves exploring new places and cultures. He also loves all things Lego and Star Wars. Like his parents, he is an avid reader.
The Nachtigalls view their life together in Germany as a great adventure.

Three Worlds Ministry

Three Worlds is a team of committed Christians experienced in cross-cultural ministry. Together, we serve as teachers, mentors, consultants and strategists for Churches in 16 countries in Europe and the Middle East. We are a team with coordinators (Nachtigalls) and team unity is a must. We each enjoy being part of something bigger than ourselves. We like being in systems of accountability. We are committed to seeing people we mentor go beyond where we could go. We are committed to seeing the Younger generation succeed. We are coaches and mentors, not stars!”

Each Three Worlds team member is based in a particular country and a local ministry, but we work together towards three common objectives in the region known as the 3W prism

  1. Engage young people in cross-cultural ministry
  2. Support empowered and accountable leaders, especially under the age of 45
  3. Create inter-connectivity within the churches, countries and region in which we operate

Global Disciples

Global Disciples serves to equip, connect and facilitate cooperation in the global Body of Christ among clusters of churches focused on reaching those least-reached with the Gospel. We help develop locally-sustainable discipleship-mission, small business and leadership training, rooted in commonly held commitments to:

  • Glorify God, the Creator and eternal Lord of the universe.
  • Exalt the only Savior and risen Lord Jesus Christ, God’s Son.
  • Rely on the Holy Spirit to teach, convict, comfort, and empower.
  • Accept the Bible as the divinely inspired, authoritative Word of God.
  • Demonstrate love in our relationships with those in the church, the Body of Christ.
  • Show love for those without Christ through lives of compassionate service, wholesome relationships, and a clear evangelistic witness.
  • Honor the sanctity of human life from conception to death, understanding we are created male and female, in the image of God.
  • Live in sexual purity, whether single or in a marriage of a man and a woman.
  • Pray and work diligently to see the Gospel spread to all peoples in anticipation of the glorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Italy Expansion Project (3W)

In cooperation with Global Strategy, County Line Church is supporting congregations in Arco and Ostia, Italy. Through our partnership these churches are reaching people and restoring their communities

This project will assist the Church of God in Italy as it seeks to plant churches and expand its presence beyond Rome into at least five provinces of Italy. Funds will assist church plants, youth programs, evangelism, and interconnectivity. (Annual Goal: $10,000. Project Goal: $30,000