During this unprecedented time, many of our local ministries are experiencing difficulties.  Please be praying for God to supply them with all they need at this time.

Next Generation

Euell Wilson Center

T he center was founded in May 1993 in honor of Euell A. Wilson who was a standout athlete at Bishop Dwenger in the city of Fort Wayne. Euell died at the age of 19. He touched many lives through his humble and caring nature. In the Fort Wayne community, the EAWC is recognized as a safe haven for children and their families.

The Euell A. Wilson Center is a Christian organization designed to enrich the hearts and lives of children and strengthen the family through the love of Christ.  We will do this through educational, social, performing arts and spiritual development to empower youth and their families for success immediately.  We will work to transform the lives of our juveniles through using this time for academic enrichment, wholesome fun, and community service.  We strive to protect both kids and adults from becoming victims of crime, reduce teen pregnancy, eliminates smoking and drug use.  This strategy helps youth to develop values and skills needed to become contributing citizens and productive leaders.

Smith Academy for Excellence

S mith Academy for Excellence is an urban school that strategically develops elite scholars who exhibit responsibility, dignity, character, and an instinct of service that will revolutionize Fort Wayne’s southeast community.


Smith Academy for Excellence uses strong academic, character, and service learning curricula to develop young men into lifelong leaders which will create an opportunity for superior academic growth and holistic long term success. In addition, SAFE is committed to cultivating each child’s unique personality by instilling honorable moral principles.

Outreach Ministries

Safe Families for Children

We currently have over 25 volunteer host families serving in Allen, Whitley, and Dekalb counties who graciously open their homes temporarily to children whose parents are going through a difficult time.

While the children are in the host home, family coaches help parents get back on their feet by providing mentorship and accountability.  Host families and placing families are supported by a team of volunteers who provide help such as transportation, meals, resource donations, mentoring, and employment assistance.


Fort Wayne and surrounding area churches play a significant role in recruiting and supporting their congregations to serve and reach out to parents who are in a crisis situation. Churches of all sizes and various denominational or non-denominational backgrounds are active partners with Fort Wayne Safe Families for Children.  Our volunteers come from the smallest to largest congregations, as followers of Jesus are awakening to the urgent need to minister to struggling families in our own cities.

Charis House

Charis House is for women and children experiencing a homeless crisis.

Imagine being homeless and unable to provide for your children. That’s the reality for a growing number of women and children in our community. At Charis House, these women not only find relief from homelessness, but they’re also able to heal and move forward. Our restorative programs equip them to find jobs and housing, navigate life’s challenges, experience emotional stability and grow in their relationship with Christ. Because the goal is not just to live life, but to thrive.

Hearten House

H earten House is a shelter providing restorative care for women experiencing a homeless crisis. 
Some women are fleeing domestic abuse; others are pregnant with no support network; many just need a safe place to stay and encouragement as they rebuild their lives.

​Using proven strategies, Hearten House staff and trained volunteers will walk alongside women who are ready to overcome trauma, addictions, and destructive habits, on their way to self-sufficiency.

Together, we can help women find hope, healing, and the love of Christ.

A Hope Center

A Hope Center has two office locations in Fort Wayne, an office location in Columbia City, and a small office location in Grabill, Indiana.

A Hope Center cares for you. We respect your right to privacy, and your right to personal and spiritual beliefs that may differ from our own. We also respect your right to make the best choices for your own life. That’s true no matter what the circumstances of your pregnancy, no matter what pregnancy options you’re weighing.

A Hope Center was founded and remains today a Christian organization. You will recognize our Christian values in the kind and compassionate care we provide. We deeply respect that matters of faith are highly personal, and as such, we will discuss faith topics with your permission or at your request. People of all faiths (or none at all) are welcome at A Hope Center.

Women's Care Center

W omen’s Care Center provides free, confidential counseling, support and education to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds help determine viability and dates (prenatal medical care and abortions not provided). We serve 26,000 women annually from 32 centers in 11 states, including Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania & Wisconsin.

County Line Ministry

County Line Food Pantry

The County Line food pantry serves residents in southern DeKalb and northern Allen counties. This is an emergency food pantry which means families are eligible to receive 5 days worth of food once a month.

Faith in Action

In 2019 Faith in Action is moving to a quarterly event. We believe that one and done is not good enough. Because of this, we are putting together a team to oversee projects in every community surrounding County Line.This includes Auburn, Garrett, East Dekalb, Leo, Fort Wayne, & Huntertown. Stay tuned for more details.

Miscellaneous Ministries

Disaster Relief

We provide emergency aid to victims of tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, floods, and other natural disasters in the United States. We have a small team of people ready to go out on a disaster as soon as it happens. We partner with various organizations to be able to volunteer and fulfill our mission of restoring communities to Christ…one life at a time.

Healthy Growing Churches

Healthy Growing Churches is a network of churches, organizations, pastors, and leaders committed to the mission of expanding the Kingdom by transforming communities and the world through and for Christ. We recognize that we can’t change the direction of the Church by focusing in just one area.

Our initiatives work with churches throughout their life cycles, including:

  • Consultations—helping churches identify and address barriers to their mission
  • Multiplication—we believe the future of the church will only be realized if we shift to a culture of
  • Leadership Development—we must build into the leaders in the Church today and the upcoming leaders for
  • Coaching—it’s hard to change without help so HGC coaches provide encouragement, accountability and
    direction for both churches and leaders as they seek to get healthier.