The Dick Conn Pack The Gym Game

Friday, January 21 | 6:30PM | Blackhawk Christian School

Our annual Pack the Gym event is coming up on Friday, January 21. Beginning this year, we have changed the name of this event to the Dick Conn Pack the Gym Game. This event is a great way for us to show our love and support to Smith Academy School for Excellence in Fort Wayne! The game will take place at 6pm at Blackhawk Christian School.

Who Was Dick Conn?

Dick Conn was a committed follower of Christ with a gentle spirit and a heart for others. He sadly passed away in November of 2021. He greatly impacted the life of Aubrey Griggs, a graduate of Smith Academy For Excellence. Aubrey had this to say about Dick Conn after his passing:
"...sometimes he would be at the gym before the teams arrive, he came to all my homes games and even some road/away games he supported me and my team he made me feel like I like Lebron or Jordan, when I got nominated to play in the Indiana classic All star at Anderson University I’m playing the game I looked up and I see Mr. Conn on the upper deck endless support and always called to check on me he came to graduation, my graduation party and invite me to different events with his church County Line Church of God wish I had more time to spend with Mr.Conn every time we got together the conversations was priceless about his life and his days of playing ball, you will be truly missed..." (Aubrey Griggs)

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