Through Global StrategyAlejandro and Carmen de Francisco are missionaries and church planters to Spain. After spending the last two decades in Florida, and planted 17 churches, they followed God’s call to plant churches throughout Spain.

Like County Line, the de Francisco’s have a big heart and a big vision for church planting. They know that new churches are one of, if not the best avenue, for reaching people who are far from God. They have a vision to plant ten churches throughout Spain over the next 25 years.

On the surface, that doesn’t seem like that much of an achievement, especially if they planted 17 in a shorter period. However, Spain, like the rest of Europe, is not like the United States. For many reasons, it is more difficult to plant churches in Europe and Spain is not the exception.

According to the Joshua Project, of the 46.3 million people living in Spain, 1.35% are Protestant evangelical believers. That means there are 625,050 evangelical believers in the entire country.

Spain is the 6th largest country in Europe and more populated than any state in the U.S. Imagine yourself in a large country where you are so much the minority of your faith that your family may be the only evangelicals in an entire city.

We will be highlighting the de Francisco’s church planting initiative for this year’s Joy to the World project. I (Pastor Nate) will be traveling to Madrid later this month to meet with the de Francisco’s as we go to some of the cities where they plan to start new churches.

Please pray for Alejandro and Carmen as they plant their first church in Madrid. I cannot wait for the day that we can celebrate along with them when their first church is planted in Madrid.

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