County Line Ministry Partner, 3W, just finished hosting their second Leadership Network. County Line has played a role in both of these network meetings. I was not able to attend the 2017 meetings. However, I was able to participate in 2015. Below is a summary of my 2015 trip.

This year, County Line was able to sponsor several leaders and pastors to attend the network meetings. Below is a short “Thank You” video they made for our church.

2017 “Thank You” Video

Hey CountyLiners,
Sending a BIG thank you from Switzerland this week. Words can’t describe how neat it is to see connections grow and relationships deepen as we continue through this event. What awesome ways God is using the difficulties we face in Europe and the Middle East to draw people together for encouragement. The messages have been timely and inspiring and YOU helped ensure both the Ukranian and Bulgarian delegates could attend! Your financial gift helped pay for low-cost carrier flights for 8 people.

Attached is a short video of thanks for the ways you continue to invest in us as a 3W team and for your investment in the next generation of young leaders here in Europe and the Middle East!

1080p from County Line Church of God on Vimeo.

2015 Summary
From Oct. 26 -30th thirty-five leaders, and future leaders, from Europe and the Middle East gathered in Interlocken for equipping, encouragement, and networking. Many, if not all, of these leaders, come from a context of isolation, hostility, loneliness, and persecution. Likewise, many of these leaders and their churches lack resources and facilities and face greater challenges than we can ever imagine.

The enemy is not just a spiritual one, but also a physical one. Governments and national religions are used by Satan to threaten the ministry and existence of these churches. Russian Orthodox, Communist, Bulgarian Orthodox, Islam, Catholic Church…. are all stumbling blocks for the Protestant church in this region.

At this event, I had the opportunity to lead a workshop on “Leadership” in which we talked about the characteristics of a leader, identified the type of leader needed to create a new church lifecycle and heard about the leadership challenges in the region.

  • Here are some practical ways in which this event was successful:
    • Solidified and strengthen the internal connectivity of the churches across Europe and the Middle East.
    • Current and future leaders, under the age of 45, were encouraged & empowered by the missionaries in this region. (Many of these leaders have been suppressed by their elders.)
    • While the event was lead and organized by North Americans the energy and connectivity were driven by the participants.
    • Many of these participants met for the first time and had the opportunity to share about their country and churches.
    • New relationships were formed which will only strengthen the region.
    • North American pastors (7 attended the event) had first-hand experience of the challenges and potential facing the church in Europe and the Middle East.
    • Multiple voices spoke into the general sessions and breakouts.
    • Regional networks were formed and future meetings/events will be planned by the leaders rather than the missionaries.


Nathan Tatman

Mission Advancement Pastor

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