These services will be identical to our Sunday morning experience. 


 7:15pm – 8:15pm

Infants – 4th Grade

Kids are an important part of our congregational life. We offer outstanding, age appropriate worship, and small groups. 


7:15pm – 8:15pm


We believe in helping them make the jump from elementary to Jr. High and continue to climb the mountain of their faith. Students discover God’s truth for their lives.

Why have our “first service of the weekend” on Thursday nights?  

There is an emerging trend we’ve seen in our culture around us. According to some fairly solid research in the last couple of years among churches in metropolitan communities, regular guests and church members are attending church less frequently on a weekend-to-weekend basis. Some studies reveal that the average church member attends 1.7 weekends per month.

It’s our hope that people who are traveling on the weekend, working on the weekend, or volunteering at church on the weekend would see this as a new possibility. We’re also thinking, though, about those we know who may not be personally engaged with the Lord at this time and tend to use the “I’ve got weekend plans” as a “defense shield.” Have we got good news for them!

It may not be possible for you to attend regularly on Thursday nights.  At the very least, we hope you’ll keep this service in mind as an alternative for you to use in inviting people into the life of County Line, or when you know you are going to be unable to attend on certain weekends throughout the year.

Gathering together on a weekly basis for worship, encouragement, teaching, and testimony makes a difference for the better in our lives.  It’s our hope that the offering of a service during the week will open new doors for reaching people, while also making it possible for others who are not always able to come on the weekends to still experience a weekly worship gathering.

Interested in volunteering starting from the ground up? Never served before? From parking attendants, greeters, welcome center, ushers, all the way to kids ministry! We need you. 

Stop by the Connect Station on a Sunday morning or email:

Mindy Georgi

Hospitality Director
(260) 627-2482