Situated in a semi-rural area just outside a popular tourist city, Peace Home provides a safe, loving environment where girls can stay to recover from the trauma they’ve endured. Our dedicated staff care for the girls’ physical and emotional needs, as well as offering them an education.


Peace Home takes in most of its girls from situations where they were pimped out and living on the streets. By far the majority come from broken homes, and some were even sold by family members. Drug addictions are an issue for some of the girls in our care, as substances have been easily available and are very cheap.

Because of the girls’ extremely difficult pasts, most are considered high-trauma and high-risk. Aggressive behavior occurs frequently, including high-level arguments and occasionally physical fights. However, we’ve already witnessed the positive change that can happen in the girls after they’ve spent time in Peace Home.

Peace Home has a psychologist on staff to provide counseling to the girls. She supports and assists them as they heal, and she works to maintain a calm environment in the home.


Located on one of the many islands of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic has seen significant economic growth and development over the past few decades. But despite that success, there is still a huge divide between the nation’s wealthiest and poorest residents. More than 30% of Dominicans live in poverty and have little or no access to high-quality public services, like education and health care.

Peace Home works closely with government officials in the Dominican Republic to identify girls who are being exploited and provide them with the care they need.


Due to a lack of proper identification papers, many of the girls in Peace Home have been deprived of adequate education and some have not been able to attend school at all. Destiny Rescue volunteers teach classes at Peace Home to help girls catch up on what they’ve missed. We also provide certain government-accredited classes that are required by law.