Each year County Line Church selects an international ministry partner to receive funds through the Joy to the World Offering. This year’s recipient is Global Disciples. In short, Global Disciples partners with pastors in the areas of discipleship training, leadership development, and small business development. You can learn more about this ministry on their website at globaldisciples.org.

Below is an excerpt taken from the “What’s In Your Hand?” book, published by Global Disciples. In the coming weeks we will share the stories of people who have experienced the “What’s In Your Hand?” training and running a business to support their families and churches.

It Started With A Website

Fadhili was a web designer. A company requesting his services sent their employee, Kofi, to work on the project with Fadhili. As they worked together, Fadhili got to know Kofi, and it became clear that he didn’t believe in Christ. Together, they produced a website that met the company’s needs and wants.

Fadhili appreciated Kofi’s contribution to the project so much that he decided to give the company a discount. This honored Kofi before his company’s leaders. As they finished the project, Fadhili also got Kofi’s personal contact information. In the days that followed, Fadhili would visit Kofi at the office or at his home, continuing to make opportunities for their friendship to develop. He often invited Kofi to church. Eventually, Kofi became curious and came. Over time, God worked through this friendship, and Kofi came to faith in Jesus. Now he’s an active member of the church Fadhili serves.

Treating others as you want to be treated opens the way for friendship. God often works through relationships to reveal Himself and bring people to salvation.

Growing Through Sharing

Tambo began with a bakery specializing in cakes but when his motorcycle—used for deliveries—was stolen, he sold out, bought a young bull, fed it well, and sold it for twice what he’d paid. With the income, he bought a cow. As customers came to buy milk, Tambo leveraged this into a small general store. He figures he interacts with about 40 people daily through his business. One family moved near his home and they were not yet believers. After praying for them, Tambo shared the Gospel and three became believers.

In his daily business, Tambo is intentional in his relationships and God has worked through him to bring people to Christ. His vision is to plant thirty churches; his first church has grown from 60 to 110 members. One key to this growth is how Tambo helps others develop by teaching them about ministry through business.

Jeremiah was mentally ill; as Tambo prayed for him, God restored Jeremiah’s mind and he became a follower of Jesus. Tambo then generously helped Jeremiah start a small business, even adding a loan—without interest—as the business began to grow. It was risky but Jeremiah has since repaid the loan in full! As God blesses and brings people to Tambo, he invests in them. He gave Luke funds to start a small restaurant and another gift enabled Lydia to start her grain shop. Tambo sees his calling clearly and he’s grateful Global Disciples equips people to use business skills and maintain a ministry focus.

To give towards the Joy to the World offering, you can do so online at the link provided below. Or, you can pick up an offering envelope at each entrance into the worship center. Thank you in advance for helping to strengthen the church in Ethiopia.

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