A Major Need

Afghans make up one of the largest refugee populations worldwide. There are 2.6 million registered Afghan refugees in the world, of whom 2.2 million are registered in Iran and Pakistan alone. Another 3.5 million people are internally displaced, having fled their homes searching for refuge within the country. In light of the rapidly deteriorating security situation in 2021, the number of people fleeing will likely continue to rise.  

Afghanistan has suffered more than 40 years of conflict, natural disasters, chronic poverty and food insecurity. Facing an ongoing humanitarian crisis, the resilience of refugees, internally displaced people and host communities is slowly reaching its limit.
To date, approximately 84,600 Afghan nationals, American citizens, and Lawful Permanent Residents have arrived in the U.S.


What Are We Going to Do?

County Line is beginning a process in partnership with Global Strategy of the Church of God and Samaritan’s Purse to resettle an Afghan Family within our own community. We will have several teams formed around this family to help find jobs, schools, housing, healthcare, get culturally adjusted, as well as a team that just helps with Administration. The team leads for each area will go through a specific training on how to do this.