When May I Enroll?

Children may be enrolled throughout the school year if there are openings in the classes and they meet the age guidelines. You can find enrollment and tuition information below.

If you have any questions about enrollment, please contact
Creative Play School Director Wendi Walborn at wwalborn@countylinechurch.org


Our classes for 2024-2025 are almost full. We are currently only taking in-person or phone registrations. Please call (260) 627-2482 and select option #3 to register over the phone.
*The tuition will be paid for the full term, and will be the same regardless of the number of days a child might miss due to illness, vacation, or weather cancellations.

$110/month or $990/year*
Registration Fee: $50

$170/month or $1,530/year*
Registration Fee: $50

$200/month or $1,800/year*
Registration Fee: $60

$210/month or $2,100/year*
Registration Fee: $100

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are The Classes Grouped?

Children must be two years old by August 1st to enroll. Classes are limited to 12-18 children, depending on the age group. Children are divided by their approximate age range and developmental levels. Classes that have younger children are generally smaller. There is a teacher and an aide for each class.
The Pre-K classes are designed for children attending Kindergarten the following year. They must be four years old by August 1st. Four-year-olds may attend two days per week or four days per week, depending on available openings.

What is the Potty Training Policy?

Children in the two and young three-year-old classes are not required to be daytime potty trained to attend; however, diapers/pull-ups will need to be provided by the parents. In addition, the children must “try” to potty during scheduled potty breaks. Children in the older three’s and all other preschool classes must be full-time potty trained to attend.

Special Needs Children?

Is There a Multiple Children Discount?

We desire to be of service to children and their families to the best of our capabilities. Unfortunately, we do not have specialists on staff to serve all children with special needs. In the case of children who may require assistance or unique accommodations, we request that parents schedule a meeting with the director or potential teacher to discuss your child's specific needs.
Suppose it is determined that there is potential for placement. In that case, there will be a pre-determined trial enrollment period with specific goals and feedback between all parties concluding with another group conference to agree on either continued enrollment or withdrawal to find a placement that would better serve the child's needs.
There is a $10.00 discount per family for multiple children attending. For example, if you have one child attending a 4-day program and one child attending a 2-day program, your total tuition due each month would be $270.00.
The parent's responsibility is to send a marked envelope with their child's name in their child's blue folder with payment. We accept cash or checks and online payment through our website. Some families do use automatic payment plans from their bank. Remember, payment is due on the 1st.

Is there Scholarship Assistance available?

Are there Monthly Late Fees?

Some financial assistance is available through the church’s scholarship team. Preference is given to the Four/Five-year-old classes. Scholarships are not offered for two-year-olds. For applications and more information, see Creative Play School Director Wendi Walborn.
Tuition is due on the first day of the month. There is a $10 late fee if not paid on the first day of school the child is in attendance. You may pay the tuition in monthly installments or, for your convenience, may be paid in full at the beginning of the school year. You may pay off the balance of the tuition due at any time during the school year.