If you would like a yellow cross magnet, stop by our Welcome Center


Anyone who calls County Line home is invited to display a yellow cross on their vehicles.  You may feel free to get as many as you need for all your vehicles. The crosses are available at our Welcome Center in the church lobby. The purpose of displaying the cross is to start conversations with people who ask what they are about. Take these opportunities to engage in a spiritual conversation about your faith or to invite them to church. If the person already attends another church, do not invite them to County Line.  We never want to take people away from other churches.  Another side benefit to the yellow crosses is meeting fellow County Liners. When you see a yellow cross on the back of a car at a gas station, a store, a parking lot, etc., don’t be afraid to say “Hi” and introduce yourself. Two County Liners once met at a gas station in Alabama!


From time to time, you may discover that someone has taken your yellow cross and replaced it with a teal cross. This means someone has prayed for you. It is your turn to find someone with a yellow cross, pray for them, and then replace their cross with the teal cross. You do not have to pray with someone in person. Most of the time, you won’t know who you are praying for or what to pray. Simply pray whatever the Holy Spirit lays on your heart. Remember, this is not “steal the teal.” Some have been confused and take the teal cross off someone’s car when they see it. We don’t take the teal cross from someone. We wait until they pray for us and place it on our vehicle. And don’t take the passing of the teal cross lightly. God has used these prayers to do some awesome things in people’s lives. Have fun, and may God bless your efforts!