We live out our global call at County Line by implementing Matthew 28:19-20.

We believe Jesus called us to go beyond our own comfort zone to reach new people for Him.


Nate & Stacy Tatman

Nate Tatman was a Pastor at County Line for over 10 years but God called his family to Madrid, Spain and they moved in 2021.  As regional coordinators for Europe and the Middle East, the Tatmans travel extensively throughout the region, working in collaboration with national leaders to develop regional ministry strategies and country-specific strategies, cultivating relationships within the Church of God across Europe and the Middle East, connecting the church across the region. Nate and Stacy have a particular passion for church planting and church health. They also oversee projects and missionaries in the region, providing pastoral care and supervision.

Al, Global Disciples

Al is a County Liner who works as a missionary with Global Disciples. Global Disciples serves to equip, connect and facilitate cooperation in the global Body of Christ among clusters of churches focused on reaching those least-reached with the Gospel. They help develop locally-sustainable discipleship-mission, small business and leadership training, rooted in commonly held commitments.  At County Line, we have been supporting Al since 1989.  He has been a part of 2 different organizations during that time.  With our partnership we have sent people to help with on the ground training, sent Joy to the World offering to Global Disciples, and include them in our monthly ministry highlight.

Alejandro & Carmen DeFrancisco

Alejandro and Carmen are passionate about planting churches and building the kingdom of God. They will be leading the Church of God back into Spain. Together with the Three Worlds team, they have a vision to plant a network of healthy, self-sustaining, self-replicating congregations across Spain, beginning with the launch of a church plant on the south side of Madrid. This network of churches will be fully integrated into the fellowship of the Church of God across the region. De Franciscos will also serve in the Europe and Middle East region as the Three Worlds team’s consultants for healthy church plants.  County line sent part of our year end Joy to the World offering to the DeFrancisco’s in 2018 and we began supporting them in 2019.

Patrick & Jamie Nachtigall

In June 2021, after eleven years as regional coordinators for Europe and the Middle East, Patrick and Jamie stepped out of that role to return as missionaries in Europe and the Middle East region. They continue to walk alongside pastors and local leaders, encouraging and mentoring them. At County Line, we have been supporting the work of Patrick and Jamie since 2013.


@Home (France)

The @home project is the birthing of a church on the ground to reach this population. It bridges Arabic-speaking Christians and churches through teaching French, sharing the Gospel, and making disciples.  At County Line, we sent an impact trip to this ministry in 2018 and began a partnership in 2019.

Village of Hope (Guatemala)

 The mission at Village of Hope is to nurture souls to health by providing a tangible experience of God’s love, settling them into an attentive and welcoming home, and preparing them to become thriving and loving adults. At County Line, we have supported Village of Hope since 2011.

Three Worlds

Three Worlds is a team of committed Christians experienced in cross-cultural ministry. They serve as teachers, mentors, consultants, and strategists for Churches in 16 countries in Europe and the Middle East.  At County Line, we have supported Three Worlds since 2015. We do this by sending Impact Trips to this region, staying in contact with local leaders and missionaries, and sending funds for various regional projects.

International Justice Mission
(Dominican Republic)

International Justice Mission (IJM) is an international organization that fights against human trafficking and slavery. We support IJM's efforts in the Dominican Republic, where they help the local authorities by rescuing victims, bringing criminals to justice, restoring survivors, and strengthening the justice system. County Line began this partnership in 2021 after sending part of the 2020 Joy to the World Offering to IJM.

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