In the fall of 1896, a young man named Ed Bailey met two farmers, brothers David and Eli Gerig, who hired him to help cut wood and do chores on their County Line Road farm. Ed spoke passionately about his need to genuinely follow God. He soon sent for an evangelist and arranged a revival meeting in the Brush College School on Garman Road. In 1903, a meeting house was built on the current site with lumber cut from the property.
Today, County Line Church continues the vision of Ed Bailey and the Gerig family back in 1897. One has to wonder if they ever dreamed County Line Church would be a church of over 2,000 people, witnessing hundreds of salvations and baptisms each year. Could they have imagined how County Line would be used by God to impact our surrounding communities, help people in need, restore marriages, equip families, and support God's work in other parts of the world? We look forward to you joining this amazing journey of faith.