What is the Hospitality Ministry?

Join us in welcoming and connecting guests to County Line through some of our many hospitality roles. We provide information, answer questions, and help people find their way around County Line.

Our team of friendly faces serve in various ways to help our guests feel at home as we come to worship together. We are glad you are here. Interested in serving in Hospitality? Fill out the form below.


Under the direction of an usher, welcome guests into the auditorium doors and assist in finding seats as needed.
Work as a team on various tasks such as passing out special items, communion, collect tithing, give direction to areas of the church, opening and closing the auditorium doors when needed.


Serve at the building exterior entrance doors by opening the doors to welcome guests as they arrive prior to a service. Walk new guests to the Welcome Center.


Serve in the parking lot prior to service, greet guests as they arrive, assist in finding a parking spot on high traffic days, assist in pedestrian traffic, walk new guests into the Welcome Center. Assist with umbrellas when needed or clearing windshields of snow upon departure if needed.


Under the direction of the Hospitality Director, work together to greet and provide information to new guests. Welcome everyone, provide first time guest a gift, a map, ministry information, and walk them to the next step in their arrival. Help connect guests to needs through the Connect, Serve, Impact stations.


All purchases at the cafe go towards supporting missions with our ministry partnerships. Offering whole bean and ground coffee, apparel, snacks, hot and cold beverages. Serving in the cafe to prepare beverages, serve and fill orders.