We continue to receive reports on the Church of God in Ukraine. There are congregations spread throughout the country. Some are in cities invaded by Russia, where little communication is happening.

The church in the central part of Ukraine continues to serve internally displaced people (IDPs) as they move from east to west. Among those staying in the church are those who have lost their homes.

Other churches further west are working to help people cross the border into Poland. Families are being separated at the borders, as the Ukrainian government has called up all men 18-60 years of age to serve in the conflict, which means that these men cannot leave the country.
Volunteers from the church are putting their lives in danger as they transport supplies from the border to congregations where supplies are needed. We have received reports that one person was injured and their van damaged due to shelling. It appears they are trying to acquire a new one to transport supplies. By doing so, they are jeopardizing their own lives as vehicles are impacted by the shelling as they drive through areas under fire.

The Church of God across the region of Europe is also working and praying for the church in Ukraine. Some are taking up collections to help the churches with supplies, and others are preparing to host refugees.

Please pray for the church in Ukraine. They have already expressed their deep gratitude for your prayers and support. It strengthens them to know there are many praying.
Many of these pastors, leaders, and volunteers are exhausted—physically and emotionally. Please continue to lift them up in your prayers and church services.

Of course, financial help is always needed and appreciated. The funds given not only go towards helping these churches to provide provisions within the country but also to help refugees resettle outside of the country.

You can give through the Church of God Ministries Disaster Relief Fund by clicking the button below. Make sure to write “UKRAINE” in the comment section.