Worship Band

Our Worship Team serves primarily during County Line's Worship Services, leading our congregation in praise & worship through music. However, this team also operates as a discipleship group, meeting at least twice a month for sharing in meals, fellowship, prayer, and digging deeper into God's Word. Any and ALL creative giftings are invited to audition for the Worship Team: we currently seek to not only empower musicians, but also dancers, visual artists, actors & actresses, and more! An audition with Pastor Haley Nichols is required to join this team.

County Line Choir

On Tuesday evenings, the County Line Choir gets together to rehearse for the upcoming worship services, while also seeking after the Lord's heart through intentional prayer, communal meals, and small-group discipleship. The County Line Choir also travels to our campuses in Auburn and Garrett to lead worship alongside our Campus Worship Leaders, unifying the creative experience that every County Liner at every campus gets to have.
An audition with Pastor Haley Nichols is required to join this team.

Tech Ministry Volunteers

Whether you've been tech-saavy since the day you were born, or you just got your first computer yesterday, our Tech Ministry is ready and excited to train you up to serve behind our Tech Booth! Tech Ministry Volunteers serve primarily during our Worship Services, though will often times get together as a team outside of a Thursday night or Sunday morning to build community with one another. Volunteer positions in Tech would include working with audio, lighting, screens, and video. To get more involved, email our Tech Director, Jarod Brown, at jbrown@countylinechurch.org

To schedule an audition for the Spring season, please email hnichols@countylinechurch.org or text WORSHIP to 260-233-9080.

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